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Call Me Winkie

A reading of "Call Me Winkie" by Bruce Kogan will take place at 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 30 in the basement of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 3107 Main St., Buffalo. The one-man play will be read by Timothy W. Lane. From Kogan:
Winthrop Martin Bean, aka Winkie Bean has stopped at Chaps Bar on Third Avenue and E.88 Street for a nightcap before heading home and he discusses his life of 22 years --his childhood in Vermont, his hopes of making it in the New York Theater as a set designer and it's against the background of some events in LGBT history.  It takes place at around 2:30 am. on May 19, 1983.   He will conclude and leave the bar and be stabbed to death in a hate crime.