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Here for Gay & Bisexual+ Men

We’re here to help gay, bisexual+ and same sex attracted men to take control of their health.
We provide information on relevant health issues, and we offer a range of specific and general services delivered by caring people who genuinely understand the health issues affecting gay, bi+ and same sex attracted men, including gay/bi+ men who are transgender.

LGBTQ+ MEN's Group

Connect with other LGBTQ+ men in Western New York. This group will have refreshments and is open to any and all men (18+) who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, including men of trans experience and nonbinary/gender non-conforming people.
Sign up here or check out our calendar for dates, times, and more information.

Bi+ Monthly Meetup

Join us to mingle with pan, queer, bi, and other multi-gender loving people! Connect with staff at the Pride Center of Western New York, and enjoy snacks and activities in an affirming space.
Sign up here or check out our calendar for dates, times, and more information.