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As a group, LGBT older adults experience unique economic and health disparities. LGBT older adults may disproportionately be affected by poverty and physical and mental health conditions due to a lifetime of unique stressors associated with being a minority, and may be more vulnerable to neglect and mistreatment in aging care facilities. They may face dual discrimination due to their age and their sexual orientation or gender identity. Generational differences and lack of legal protection may cause older LGBT adults to be less open about their sexuality. Social isolation is also a concern because LGBT older adults are more likely to live alone, more likely to be single and less likely to have children than their heterosexual counterparts. All of these considerations can be compounded by intersections of sex, race, ethnicity and disability.

We're here to reduce isolation among LGBT seniors and increase the number of LGBT culturally competent senior service providers. 

The Silver Pride Project

The Silver Pride Project is a Pride Center initiative that’s all about creating better conversations and improved social engagement with our older members of the LGBTQ community. By understanding people’s experiences we can facilitate greater social connectivity, improve social inclusion and evolve services to meet the needs of our LGBTQ elders.
The friendly health promotion team of the Silver Pride Project welcomes you to get on board to share experiences, interact with other members of the LGBTQ community and create a healthier, active and social lifestyle for yourself and those around you.
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