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Here for LGBTQ People of Color

As a health-based community organization we advocate for our clients and their health. Our services are built around intersectionality to help those with multiple minority identities to feel empowered and be activie participants in their care.

Sexual Health Workshops

The Young Men who have Sex with Men (YMSM) and Community of Color (CoC) programs focus on the wellness and sexual health prevention needs of gay, bisexual and queer young adult males (13-29) as well as women of trans experience. Both progams provide sexual health workshops,  life skills training, and special events.

Our outreach to young queer men of color  and women of trans experience includes information sharing and connection to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) services, HIV/STI testing and confidential, linkage to comprehensive medical care. For more information about the YMSM & CoC programs please fill out our group registration form or send an email to: groups@pridecenterwny.org


Living the Experience is a group for transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people from communities of color. To register for Living the Experience fill out our group registration form.

social events & Activities

We organize a variety of events that focus on the lives, issues, art, health and relationships of LGBTQ+ people from communities of color. Our events, groups and activities are listed on our Community Events Calendar and on our social media platforms. 

Additional Resources

The Mocha Center

Community Access Services