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The Pride Center's Transgender Youth Program offers services for transgender, gender expansive and non-binary (TGNB) youth ages 5-17, and their parents, caregivers, and family members:

  • Drop-in services and activities in a safe space to socialize and get connected
  • Groups for transgender, nonbinary, gender expansive, and questioning youth
  • Groups for parents and caregivers of transgender, nonbinary, gender expansive, and questioning youth
  • One-on-one and family support
  • Legal name and gender marker change support
  • Linkage and referrals to affirming medical, mental health, sexual health, legal, and other services and care
Sign up here or check our calendar for dates, times, and more information.

drop-in center

Our drop- in center is conveniently located in downtown Buffalo, near public transportation.
The drop-in center is a safe, inclusive, affirming space for TGNB youth to connect with peers, while also receiving individualized support from program staff as they navigate throughout through their unique life journey.
Youth are welcome to utilize the cyber center, community closet, and other resources at the drop-in center. There is always an activity or workshop scheduled for drop-in hours, but youth are welcome to engage with any resources at the Pride Center during drop-in hours.
Drop-in hours:
Ages 5-12: Monthly (check our calendar for details)
Ages 13-17: Wednesdays, 3-6pm

groups for transgender youth and families

Supporting Trans Youth Lives Everyday (STYLE)
A safe space for parents and caregivers of trans youth to engage in discussions surrounding their experiences raising TGNB youth, and share guidance and insight with their peers.
Every 2nd Wednesday, 6:30-8pm
TGNB Youth Support Group (Generation+)
An affirming space for youth to participate in therapeutic activities and workshops led by program staff. A space for TGNB youth to build and maintain healthy relationships with their peers, and seek encouragement from program staff who have lived experience.
Every 2nd Wednesday, 6:30-8pm
Youth Advisory Group
The Pride Center’s Youth Advisory group provides guidance and direction to the Pride Center’s Trans Youth Program, services, and outreach across Western New York, and offers a youth leadership development opportunity for participating youth. Meets in person and on Zoom.
Meets every 6 weeks (check our calendar for details)