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We're here to help create safer learning environments for all youth throughout Western New York. We offer resource development, capacity building, and school stakeholder outreach to support LGBTQ-affirming school practice. Through training and education, we're able to mobilize and support student leaders, educators, and other school professionals and form partnerships 
  • Supporting the availability and success of GSAs in the majority of schools
  • Increasing educator support to LGBTQ+ youth so that all LGBTQ+ students have a network of adult support at school
  • Increasing LGBTQ-affirming curricula
  • Promoting educational leadership opportunities for LGBTQ+ students


These services are reflective of the Pride Center's commitment to providing accessible, youth-focused reproductive justice options to young LGBTQ+ people in the Western New York region:
  • Condom distribution
  • STI screenings
  • HIV testing
  • PrEP and PEP referrals

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