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Online Support

While we've limited our building to a small number of visitors a day, we are very much here to serve and connect our community. Many of our services and programs are operating remotely and our phone lines remain open during business hours, with our team ready to share current information and connect you to services.

Remote Services

Online Groups + Resources


Our staff are equipped with the technology they need to run many of our groups and services online using confidential, HIPAA-compliant tools to ensure we are delivering quality care. 

Services Available
  • Social groups, internships and one-on-one support sessions;
  • Self-Administered HIV testing / Counseling;
  • Linkage to mental health counseling;
  • Linkage to substance use treatment services and groups;
  • Insurance enrollment navigation services;
  • Smoking Cessation Support;
  • Legal Name Change Assistance
Contact us for details on how to access Pride Center services and programs.


Silver Pride Project Coffee Hour
This weekly virtual meet-up offers LGBTQ+ seniors an opportunity to connect and discuss various topics as well as, share information and resources that may be of interests to older adults.

Twice monthly, we provide space for folks who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary, to come together for support, resource sharing, and community builing. 

Soul 2 Soul
Peer-led discussion group that aims to build unity for people of color in the LGBTQ+ communities in Western New York. We bring folks together to discuss various topics that are of interest to LGBTQ+ BIPOC and host social events to build community and bridge folx with affirming and culturally competent providers. 

Women of Pride
Every month, we organize an event aimed at bringing women together for socializing, information sharing, and more. Whether it's a yoga class or a guest speaker, our events are centered around the experiences and interests of cis and trans women. If you are a business / organization that provides goods / services for women and would like to partner with us, please reach out to Rachel (she/her) at rparrino@pridecenterwny.org

Pride Lit Club
Each month, we meet to discuss a book - many of which are related to LGBTQ+ people but, not all. The group is open to LGBTQ+ people and their allies. Our 2021 line up can be found on our Facebook page.

Pride Chess Club
Twice monthly, we invite folks to gather for a game of chess. Since we are unable to meet in person, our online games are going to focus more beginners or those with little to no knowledge of the game of chess. However, folks with more experience are welcome to join. 

You can find more details about our online groups and upcoming events on our community calendar